How to get a new Google Maps API Key

In order to use Google Maps on your website, you must first create an API key and must have the Places API enabled on your account. Here’s how:

  1. Get a Google account if you don’t already have one
  2. Go to your Developer Console page
  3. Log in using your Google ID
  4. Click the Create Project button
  5. In the Project Name field enter the something identifiable to the site you’re adding the map to, such as the first part of the domain name (the dot isn’t valid)
  6. Once it’s created (it takes a few moments), click the Enable APIs and Services link at the top
  7. Find and enable both the Maps JavaScript API and Places API
  8. Open the navigation menu in the top left and choose Credentials under APIs & Services
  9. Click Create Credentials at the top and choose API key
  10. Copy the key
  11. Click Restrict Key
  12. Choose HTTP referrers (web sites) under Application restrictions
  13. Click Add an Item
  14. In the field that appears enter the address that the API key may be used on and click Done, repeating for any additional addresses. For example, to allow the key to be used anywhere on and any subdomains, you would add these two items: and*
  15. Once you click Save, copy the Key on that page into the Freeway Action using the steps outlined in the KnowledgeBase article at