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I have a file that contains html anchor tags and links that refer to anchors in that same file. On a Mac or PC I can open it in a browsed and walk the file contents by clicking on the links. I keep it in Dropbox so it’s accessible across my computers. I can also see it in Dropbox on my iPad. It loads, but the links don’t work. I’ve asked on the Mac-l list because they have iDevice people there, but no solution.

The iPad opens it in the Dropbox browser, which must work differently to real browsers. Does anyone know how to include in-document links that the Dropbox browser will follow.

The file in question is a genealogy gedcom file that has been processed by a script I wrote to insert the anchors, links, and extra information.

The html looks like:

<li>1 CHIL <a href="#L@I213@">@I213@</a> == Annie /Dibben/</li>

linking to:

</ul></ul><li><a id="L@I213@">0 @I213@ INDI^M</a></li>
<ul><li>1 NAME Annie /Dibben/^M</li>

(Ignore the list tags, they are consistent over the whole page.)


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