HTML email clear gifs and &nbsp;</td

I’ve been creating a HTML email and have run into a few problems that I’m sure other people will have had?

First thing wrong: In FW I clicked “Reinforced Layout” but this reinforces the table layout with clear gifs. Unfortunately Outlook 2007 and 2010 show clear gifs as grey/black lines.

I removed “Reinforced Layout” and this removes the clear.gifs but then in Gmail the spacing between items collapses to zero.

Softpress support have told me tm take the HTML code and and change “</td” to " </td" - putting a none breaking space in the tables.

Is this right? There are a lot of “</td”!

Is there a work around within FW? Perhaps make HTML items with a white background between my items to act as ‘padding’ or act as a ‘table’ cell?

Or insert items into items and use padding (is this called nesting or inflow)?



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