HTML site import on xway

Somebody can help me. I need to import on XWay an html site. This site was generated by xway, but the I lost the xway file.
If somebody has some experience on the matter could be fine.


Hi Mario,

If you display the site in a browser, you can copy and paste content into Xway. See “Appendix 2: Importing an existing website” in the Xway User Guide.

Hi Jeremy, I’m not seeing that. Appendix 2 says " 24.2 [Indentation Rules]", not “Importing an existing website”. Let me know where to look. Thanks!

It is on page 163 of the current manual for beta 7, version 0.7b7. See below.

Hi Richard,

That is very strange! I don’t think there’s anything about “Indentation Rules” in the User Guide, anywhere.

I wonder if you’re somehow opening a completely different document. Does the document you’re looking at say Xway User Guide on its first page?