HTML table maker

I needed a simple way to get flat file information into a table in my
FW page. Someone would send me an Excel or PDF file containing the
table information and I had to get it on the web with a minimum of
effort. , At times they will send me a new table every day. So, rather
than worrying about the changes to the table, I wrote a computer
program to generate the html code for the entire table to paste into
an HTML Markup Item in FW.

This group has provided a lot of help to me, even when it was not me
that was asking the question. So, I thought maybe this program might
be useful to someone else on this list. You can get it at:

Read the README, and click on the Help->Information menu item when you
first run the program. The zip contains the program, a simple FW page
to paste the html into, and some simple tables to use as input to the

If you like it, enjoy it, otherwise just ignore it / delete it. Maybe
there is some other action or slick way to do this in FW, but I have
not found it. Besides, I needed the practice writing some code.


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needed the practice writing some code

Well, u seem to have some unused capacities!!! :slight_smile:

That must be a smart nifty program, if it can do what u say,
which will come to use for someone on the FRW-steamer, sure enough.

Anywhy, I like tables, and use them a lot!

Thanks, Omar K N

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