I know what I want...

I’m just not sure how to get it!

Here is a link to Mark Tucker’s web site:

I love the minimalist approach. I’m aware it’s flash driven (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but my particular question has to do with the cool little menu that slides in from the bottom. I want to duplicate that in Freeway, including the transparency. I don’t mind if the menu slides down from the top or up from the bottom. And, I don’t need the thumbs to load in that way. I just want a sliding transparent menu with graphical links. Click to open, click to close.

I’ve tried mootool’s Accordion: Looks great, but it disables the clickable content underneath, even when the accordion is closed. If there were a work around for that, I would be happy!

Here is my test page for Mootools: http://jimbaileyphoto.com/test/

I tried drop-down menus: I could only get one column, and would prefer more. Also, it’s not sticky. I want click to open and click to close. Plus, I’ve read that drop-downs don’t play nice with graphics as links. True?

I tried hide/show layer: I confused myself to the point of headache.

Maybe I’m trying the wrong action or setting the correct action in an incorrect way? Any advice appreciated!



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