I lost the "Pic In New Window" Action! Please help

I know I used to have the “Pic In New Window” action but now it is not to be found. Is there anyone who can PLEASE link me up with a copy of this action, please? I do not understand how it could be missing, but it is and I was hoping to use it tonight.

Pic in New Window is a built-in Action and would be very difficult to remove without intending to, especially without also removing a lot of other Actions.

Perhaps you’re misremembering how the Action is applied, e.g. trying to insert it as an Action item as opposed to applying it to an existing item. There’s more detailed info on its usage here: Pic in New Window Action

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Hey Simon!!! You are correct! It has been more than a minute since I have used Freeway Pro 7. So I tried applying the action differently this time and it worked. I do not know why I wasn’t able to make this happen last night other than being fried from a long day. Thanks a million!