IE6 problem with flexible height object?

I’ve made a page - in Freeway 4.4.2 - that shows a QuickTime VR
image. The page itself resizes to fit the visitor’s display (totally
accepted in QTVR circles, but Heather, be warned! ;-), and the
movie’s layered container is set to be a certain distance from the
sides, so it flexes with the window.

However, I’ve just had this report from someone using IE6:

Sorry Keith, but i only get a thin line where the QuickTime window
should be. I’m using IE6 on WinXP. With QuickTime Pro i can save
the .mov locally and open it, the file itself is ok.

The container is a layered (div) item set to grow with the page using
the Inspector palette’s Dimensions controls. The IE6 Compatible
checkbox has been on the whole time.

The page was in XHTML Strict format. I’ve since republished it as
HTML 4.01 Transitional, in the faint hope that this simple change
might fix the problem. :slight_smile:

Everything is plain vanilla Freeway 4 stuff apart from my slightly
customised QuickTime Extras action that simply sets the movie’s scale
to ‘ToFit’ and the width & height (of the movie inside the HTML
structure) to 100%, so it scales with the flexible container.

The current HTML 4 transitional page is here:

and a copy of the XHTML Strict version is here:

Any ideas? Does either page show problems for anyone else in any
browser on Windows or the Mac?


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