Importing directly from Freeway6/7

Newbie here. I used Freeway many years ago and now feel the need to update my many, many pages. Is there any way I can directly import web pages written in Freeway6/7 (rather than tedious cut and paste)?

If this is going to be a feature in the future (ie direct HTML import) I will hold until the new XWay becomes available…otherwise it may need to be ‘Sparkle’ (£80) as an interim measure. Shame…I really liked Freeway.


Hi Bonky,

Do you still have your Freeway document?

We plan to add a way to import Freeway content in a future version of Xway. This is high up on our list of things to do.

We may also add some kind of HTML import at some point, but that’s lower down the list, I’m afraid.


Yes, I believe I still have them somewhere…so it’s very good news to me that I may soon be able to import them into XWay.

Very many thanks!

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Hi Jeremy,

I suppose that you still don’t know when this (critical) feature will be released… but do you have at least an idea on when you’ll provide that date?

Personally I think that a feature to fully import the entire Freeway PROJECT is very needed, not by single html pages. For example, my old Freeway project is heavily based on master pages… and btw this was the main reason why I adopted Freeway in 2013.

Also I want to note that backup solutions you mentioned for the “transitional period” in this page (Freeway Pro » Powerful web design software for Mac) are NOT applicable anymore! Apple users are on ARM64 architecture since 3 years… so you can’t use a separate partition with Mojave nor you can’t install Mojave in a VM because there is no way to run Mojave on Apple Silicon!

Are we at a dead end? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi Marco,

Importing Freeway content (including master pages) is at the top of our list of things to do.

As you say, it’s no longer possible to run old versions of macOS on recent macs (which have Apple Silicon processors), so the only way to run Freeway is to keep an old machine. That’s what I do: I don’t use Freeway any more, but I sometimes need to run it to answer support questions.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the answer! In my case, the only reason why I would need to run Freeway is for updating a master page… and so… regenerate all my (hundreds) child pages. It should be a rare event… but it may happen.

As for the VM… i have a quick update that may be of some help. I found that on newer M2 macs (eg. macmini 2023) you can run an old OSX machine in emulation mode by using QEMU/UTM. It’s not so slow… especially if you go with an earlier version. You need at least OSX 10.6.8 for Freeway 6/7 so I have installed 10.7.5 and it seems to work decently. More details at the link below, but you need to replace Catalina with an older version… Virtualizing OpenCore and x86 macOS on Apple Silicon (and even iOS!) | Mykola’s blog

Thanks for the info on QEMU/UTM!

It’s also useful to know that earlier versions of macOS are faster in this situation.