Incorrect Colors Displaying after Importing a Graphic

If you are working with a Photoshop or Illustrator file in Freeway and find that the colors are slightly different in the preview to the original then the problem may be down to the color profile/space being used. Freeway will always use the working RGB profile of the system for images it creates so if the original is using a different profile the colors will be different.

To convert the original to the working profile open it up in the application it was created/saved in and find the option to assign or convert a color profile. In newer versions of Photoshop this is in the Edit menu, in older versions it is in the Image menu.

When you have found the correct dialog either check the Working RGB Profile checkbox or select it from the list.

Once selected save the image and update it in Freeway. To do this, double click on it and click the Update button in the dialog that appears.