Increase exposure with the AddThis Action

Improving the coverage of your site will not only generate more traffic to your site but will also increase your search engine page ranking. To help you do this we have included the AddThis Action in Freeway Pro 5.4 and above. Freeway Express users, please download the action from the bottom of this article. For information on installing actions, see the Installing Actions in Freeway article.

Addthis is a free bookmarking and sharing service that allows visitors to your site to email and bookmark your pages, or to post them on over 60 popular sites including Digg, Twitter, FaceBook and Delicious. Having your site featured on these services increases your exposure and the number of links back to your site, which is great for getting a higher page rank with the search engines.

By creating an AddThis account you can also track how your site is being bookmarked and shared. You can gain access to your sharing trends, which will tell you what services you are being added to; your site’s top content, which pages are being added to services; and where people who are sharing your content are in the world.

Another great feature of AddThis is RSS feed subscription - you can specify an RSS feed for your visitors to subscribe to. This feed can be hosted anywhere, so it can be one created in Freeway or any other feed.

Using the AddThis Action:

  1. Click and hold on the Actions toolbar icon and choose AddThis
  2. Draw the Action on the page
  3. Open the Actions palette by choosing Actions from the Window menu
  4. Choose the type of button to use from the Type of Button option, you can either have a Sharing/Bookmarking or a Feed Subscription button
  5. If you want to track usage enter your AddThis username into the Username field
  6. If you selected Feed Subscription in step 4 then enter the address of your feed in the Feed URL option
  7. Choose the Appearance of the button
  8. If you chose Sharing/Bookmarking in step 4 then specify if you want to have the service Dropdown on Mouseover
  9. In the Advanced Options section you can specify if your page is secure (using https). If it is then the code in the page will change to get the AddThis resources securely (21.1 KB)