Inherited widths set by extended dialogue

Hi guys,

we had it elsewhere, but I thought it’s better to choose the expert list to clarify:

Ernie asked if width-adjustments by extended dialogue are inherit from previous/next breakpoint. The answer was: YES!

The fact:

Yes - it is inherited.

The truth:

Only if you don’t touch the widths of items in the next smaller area. I understand this behavior (coming from absolute positioning and the no need for box-sizing: border-box - but honestly can’t accept it.

In a full flexible inline-layout, you have to touch widths, cause a previous 98.4765231% wide item (cause padding applied to) is too wide in the new surrounding (smaller device).

You have to reduce its width to fit into the new situation - let’s say to 96.7834521%. And exactly here you’ll loose the extended width property which is? Guess.

Yes - 100%

This is (beneath some other things) pretty weird.

I don’t want to use the action (even it works) cause I love control above the things. The action spits out exactly the above absurde “widths” which never exists (except in math).

Any statement?



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