Inserting Custom Code into Freeway

There may be times when you need to insert code manually into a file. In Freeway there are several ways to do this:

1. Before/after a specific HTML Tag

Choose HTML Markup from the Page menu and then select the appropriate option from the pop-up list and enter the code. Click OK when done.

2. In the body of the page

Choose Markup Item from the Insert menu and enter the code. After clicking OK, position the item that appears on the page. If you want this to appear inside an HTML item cut it (Command-x) and paste (Command-v) after double cliking in the HTML item. To edit the Markp item double click it.

3. Extending item tags

Several item tags can have small snippets of code added by selecting the item and then going to Item > Extended and entering the name and value of the attribute you want to add to the item. To add an onclick event to the item for instance.

The option for extending table tags can be found in the Inspector palette.

Other Extended options can be found in other dialogs, such as in Hyperlinks and Form Setup.

If you want to remove any HTML Markup, go to Page>HTML Markup, click on the Insert popup and see which location is underlined in the list (if it's underlined, it means that there is some markup code in that location). Go to that location, select all the code and hit the Backspace/Delete key to remove it then close the dialog boxes.

If you want to edit markup code contained within a markup item, double-click on the item on the page to display the code to edit. If you want to remove the markup item, simply select the item on the page and hit the Backspace/Delete key to remove it.