Inserting Images plus another image question

Here is a page that I just put together. This is my first attempt at using FW. I am just trying to get past the basic learning curve.

You will note three test links on that page “Bella Standard Poodles”. These links take you to a site where I am using Optimized Photoshop images. You will note the clarity of the text.

For this project in FW I used Tiff file format which I dragged into Graphic boxes. The funny thing that I found with this is that the .tif images reduce to a very physical small size, and that you have to resize to the graphic object. A dragged on jpg doesn’t require resizing.

Another problem is the clarity of the text. Perhaps I should be using “Pass through” due to the quality issue. I am not sure what to do here.

Finally, the off white background and left and right border is simply a image measuring 779px wide x 29px high. What I found was that if I put that into a Graphic object measuring 779 x 29, and then resize the graphic so that it meets the top and bottom, the image size on the web goes from just over 1k to 18k. What I would like to do with that image is to maintain its size and simply repeat “Y” to the size of the size of the graphic object that I want to fill, and not become a new graphic whereby the image file size is increased.

I hope the above makes sense.


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1stly you don’t say if this was pot together with Express or Pro coz I suspect the answer is different depending which you are using.
Sorry I see it is the trial version of Pro I am not sure what limitations that has.

I think your text in picture quality is being reduced because you appear to have set your images to combine - this is slicing the images and reducing quality of output. What quality of image output have you selected in the inspector?
For best quality you should size the picture in Photoshop or whatever and import as passthrough so that what you see in PS is what u get on screen.
Also if you do your picture box framing in photoshop as well you can just change the background colour of the page to your off white.
Are you planning on repeating this page style on all your pages or is it just for your lead in page?

There are other ways of creating custom borders on picture/text boxes but I am not sure if you can do it with the trial version.

Does this help - if not if you give us a more extensive idea of what you are trying to achieve we will be able to offer more tailured advice.


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Thanks for responding DeltaDave.

I have pretty much made up my mind to go with this software. For the most part quite similar to what I was using, but much more powerful.

I am not sure what the limitations are in the trial either, but “Buttons” are one for sure. That doesn’t really matter though because I feel confident that the full version will have all the bells and whistles functional.

I have just recently read about the combine function of images and have started to uncheck that option in most instances.

I have also figured out how to use Pass Through properly so that’s another one down.

The image quality in the inspector is 75.

I agree that Pass through is the way to go because I want to be in control of my image quality.

Yes your comments do help. Right now I am just going through trial and error testing of the program, and feel that I am making good progress in that regard.

I think the biggest one for me was the image that I used for the white background with a border on each side. By inserting the image, stretching the image container in height to correspond to the area you want to fill, you end up with a new image rather than the same image simply stretched down, however I think I can accomplish that by using a background image color and background image repeat-y

Thanks for your time.


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