Intaglio on Sonoma: how to avoid vignetting

I just upgraded to Sonoma, praying that Intaglio would continue to work. As far as I can tell, it remains fully functional, with one annoying issue: windows and drop-down menus suffer from vignetting: a blurring at the edges, only the center of the window is workable. I can avoid this by going to full-screen, but have not found a more convenient resolution.

Did you find a solution to this, just upgraded to Sonoma and have the same issue. It’s a strange one to imagine how it’s occuring.

I have the same problem. The vignetting is huge, it makes Intaglio unusable. I hope someone finds a solution.

I switched to EazyDraw, never looked back, it’s GREAT. Highly recommned it as an alternative.
So far I’ve had good success switching data from Intaglio to Eazydraw by exporting as SVG.
And it’s very reasonably priced.