Intaglio on Ventura

Does Intaglio work on Ventura…?

I haven’t upgraded to Ventura and am running Monterrey on a new Mac Studio. Intaglio is works partially after I installed Rosetta 2 but is flaky and some functions don’t work well. Since Intaglio is already 64-bit, Rosetta does not suggest you installed, so you must do it manually. See How to download and install Rosetta on Mac if you want ot try it. I MAY check it out when I upgrade to Ventura, but am usiing Intaglio on my 27" iMac under Mojave, where it coutinues to work beautifully.

I upgraded to Ventura: on a M1 2020 MacBook Air and on a Intel 2017 iMac, and on both computers Intaglio works fine. None of the problems that I encountered when upgrading to Monterey. A big relief.

Your report that you have been able to run Intaglio under Ventura is fantastic news and will spur me to upgrade from Monterrey to Ventura to try it! Although Rosetta 2 is primarily designed to run 32-bit applications I believe (not thoroughly tested) that when I installed this with Monterey it reduced some of the problems that Monterrey was having. Do you have Rosetta 2 installed on your M1 MacBook Air?


I am not sure, how do I know if I have Rosetta installed?
I have been using Intaglio on Ventura for a while now, I only noted one glitch: the line thickness field (where you enter a number to set the line thickness) does not function well, I just use the slider instead.

a small update; entering numbers in scale boxes is broken on Ventura; for some boxes (line thickness) there is a slider, which still works; for other boxes (scale) there is no slider; a work around I have found is to navigate to the field with the tab key, then you can enter the desired number; if you move to the field with the mouse that does not work.

Carlo, Sorry I missed your question. The best article I have found on Rosetta 2 is at It gives a step by step on installation.