Intro menu sliding in and out

Hi everybody!
i need help. I want to creeate an intro, where a main picture is shown, and fades away. ( that is no problem)
but than afther the fading, a new window/menu / intro…show’s where 2 sliding items/images curtainlike can slide open serparate by clicking on them ( as a button)
On each curtain-like item, a name has to show, where people have to make their choise of where they want to go next.
The site is split in a medical and a information option so we want people to not have to have to look at the other side of the ‘site’ .
The can make their choise ( left or right ) and be happy…

Now i have looked at the Mootools, but de fade in only 'fades in…" and i’ve given up looking how i can change that, also i thing weaver is going to strangle me :slight_smile: when i would stalk him again for mootools.
transition fx doesn’t do it ( not horizontal )
scripty, also not sliding out horizontaly. and again, my englisch is leaving me in the dark.

Flash? very nice! if i was that much a flash worker. i can do some things in flash but not site menu’s the size of a full screen.

honestly i’m out of options and i dont know what to do. I sure could use a wise idea, a guide and/or a co-worker on this?

I hope someone out here can help me.


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