iPhoto Picture Sharing

Apple’s iPhoto allows users to share content between machines using Bonjour. With picture sharing set up, albums or the complete Photo
library can be accessed by another machine running iPhoto. When you
access shared image from iPhoto, you will recieve a series of
thumbnails in the Organize window, which is where you would drag and
drop your image from.

importing a picture from iPhoto is as simple as dragging an image from
the iPhoto window and dropping it into the Freeway window. However,
with images accessed from shared albums and libraries on other
machines, only the local thumbnail will be imported into Freeway. When
sharing is stopped (normally by the sharing machine quitting iPhoto),
you will start to get missing resources error messages from Freeway
when you publish.

To use a shared image reliably, simply drag the image from iPhoto to your media folder, and then import it into Freeway.