Is Stylesheets coming with the final release?

Hi All,
Just downloaded and have been playing around with Xway. I like a lot of what I see. Great job, guys!
But, what I’m seeing in the coding view is that the CSS is actually embedded into the HTML pages. Is this the only option? Can the StyleSheets be separated? And thus, can the finished Pages actually be exported with separate linked StyleSheets? So there would be an HTML page and a CSS page.

  • Sol

Hi Sol,

We are planning to add external stylesheets in a future version of Xway.

Some stylesheets (e.g. menu stylesheets) are already external.

Thanks, Jeremy.
Outstanding what you guys have done thus far. I do some coding on my own, and prefer the CSS to be on a separated Style Sheet versus inline. Just helps my brain see what all is there a little better. :slight_smile: