Java Srips Layers are not previewed

Hi Pro´s,

i´ve got a very big problem, driving me totally crazy!
Please help me out here!
I´m building a website with freeway 5.4.2 pro on a snow leopard 10.6.2.

I. I made a couple of master pages
with those actions:

  1. sequence timer to show/hide layers for a slide show.
  2. roll over for the navigation
  3. scroll button action for the text
  4. “fade in” FX for some grafik effects.

everything went perfect.

then i started pulling the different master pages, all with the same actions down as a normal page and started with
filling in the different content.

III. The problem appeared, that the freeway preview or the preview with the browser stops showing content or content correct.
most times the only thing is shown is simply some of the roll overs, not the scroll content nor the show/hide pictures.
some times it just shows the roll over, right or incorrect.

my poor solving experiences:
when i ad for example an empty graphic or layer it starts to show the content perfect again but just for some times. then stop´s again and i have to delete the layer again. some times it helps to just copy and paste parts of the website.
But i can´t build a website with 20-60 pages when one after an other side stops to work right. when one works again, i fix the next on, the fixed on stops working again.

Maybe it´s some Java problem or a master side problem.

Thank´s for Help, Raff.

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