Good day!

I have owned the “Freeway” software package since v4. However, when I made my purchase I did so to experiment, to get acquainted (with the web zoo) so to speak.

After ignorantly stepping around "ugly economics lurching about my shop entry, hungry for jtaylors demise, reality’s slap makes it clear that ignorance is no longer bliss; that in order to survive my shop is to live in iViral coexistence its physical location monicker.

JTAYLOR’S is a one-off show, my real time ‘domain.’ It is an accumulation of collections presented in a curiously museum-like quality not conducive to a shopping experience per se. It is “…in your (my) head…” as often is said by the suspicious unsuspecting. Well, that’s quite accurate; I made my choices/inclusions diligently knitting together a string of ‘statements’-as they are individually, as a collections of collections. Not very rational retail presence, but intentional just the same. It’s a rather gross blunder, pretentious, arrogant, family destroying.

‘Come now Johnnie! Get on with it’

Ok. Please take a look at jtaylorsgalleries.com. It is a culmination of 6 months of patience eroding attempts made by a family friendly fellow whom had not a clue when he began it as a commission basis project.

You may assume thus far the ‘site’ yields nothing.

I am reticent to shut down this poor chaps efforts. What you experience is, from his elevation, a monumental success. I have patiently attempted to coach him out of that tree.

It’s down to this:
Would anyone like to take what you see/experience and clean it up? I want you to listen to my ideas, produce a series of ‘test run’ examples-activating my curiosities and requests; counsel me with professional, objective feedback all the while ‘automating’ (Apple people, you know this strange little guy with the oversized pen?!) the processes as a menu of applets considerable as features?

I have ‘murdered’ this child so many times over drifting, age appropriate responses to my ‘tune ups.’ I have no patience for him nor confidence in his abilities. For instance, take the little note under the shop photo. It has been there for three weeks! That was meant to pop down after rolling over “Thank You”-which is meant to be the first choice on the header bar !!! Yikes!!!

Pulleezzz! If there is someone who loves to use Freeway for its complete, authoritative, simplified utility as a ‘dynamic-as-you-want-it’ web site builder, email me at email@hidden 3 responses to the jtay…com site as it is, 3 responses to this doggerel and three quite different, referring sites you qualify as showcases of your best talents and perhaps also examples of where jtaylorsgalleries.com might either cherry pick techniques or lease/own as a new site landing/launching pad.

Thank you in advance to whomever may be curiously, leisurely looking for an opportunity to fortify their sense of ambition and integrity as a webmaster.

Negotiating ‘design’ vs. ‘function’ is not pleasing. I have an academically trained, extensively intuitive sense of ‘design.’ Connecting function with design is the place we will thrive.

And your baseline terms for moving forward…?

Best regards. Have a little fun today!

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