Keeping my desktop rollovers working on touch screens

I am not a coder.

I use simple graphic rollovers eg a transparent triangle changing to opaque.

On my desktop they look great (I think.) On my phone they are unseen. They do not function - there is no mouse to mouseover (confusingly I think this is called hover in coding - which I clearly am doing (ie hovering) with a finger on a phone but in code hover is referring to a mouse - I think…)

what code to add in Freeway (and how and where) - to emulate on a phone what my desktop user sees.

Agreeable Solutions:
I HAVE actually seen rollovers work when a finger is placed near a rollover on a phone. That would be great.

Others talk of a click to reveal the rollover then a click to use the attached link (with the problem of previous rollovers clicked once but not clicked twice ie turned on but neither used or turned off dealt with when another is clicked etc (ie and other permutations…) - this is what would happen on a phone but the rollover would continue to function normally on a desktop.

If I can add code easily either will work. I enclose a link above that suggests a solution but have no idea how to implement it (or if it will work) in Freeway - if that is easier than working out code to solve my problem.

So I am asking how to emulate a simple rollover (based on mouseover) when using phones - (ignoring stylus - plugged in mice etc (and other complications.)

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