Lightbox & CMS is it possible

Just for people that are interested in this.

I have been testing out the pre-release version of webyep 1.2.5pr2
and this new version will allow the use of the lightbox effect on multiple itmes in a loop.

Images in a loop are now grouped into Lightbox groups to be viewed as a slideshow (next/prev buttons).

In other words if you place a webyep image in a webyep loop as normal, and make the thumbnail checkbox ticked.
Then when you create more images via the loop and as long as you have the lightbox folder installed in the webyep system folder as per the installation instruction then you will have a lightbox gallery with previous and next buttons. This opens up a huge amount of possibilities for or gallery.

I just tested it and it worked a treat… :o)…
a webyep gallery made from 1 freeway place webyep image, but this allowed for as many images as I wanted to upload and all with a lightbox effect


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