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I am loving Xway. I am able to duplicate almost everything I did in Freeway but it is so much easier and cleaner to do. I am linking to items on a page in order to quickly scroll to different sections on a long list. Is there a way to see the page scroll rather than just jumping to that item on the page?

There is a CSS attribute you can use, it doesn’t have 100% browser penetration, but for those who use modern browsers, it should work well.

If you apply this to your body tag, it should cascade through to any link on the page.


For what it’s worth, I didn’t have much luck applying this to the body element and viewing in Safari - but it worked when I applied it to the html element. A simple way to do this is to paste the following code in the CSS Markup section of the Page Inspector:

  scroll-behavior: smooth;

You might want to do this on a master page. Alternatively, if you want this to happen on every page, you can use the Document: CSS Markup section of the Document Inspector.

Worked perfectly. Thanks so much

I am working on that same long page in Xway and any time I click on something on a lower part of the page, it jumps back to the top. I sometimes have to scroll back to the item several times to complete the edit. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

I put it in full screen mode and it is not perfect but much better.

Hi Mark,

My first suggestion would be to try restarting your Mac.

If that doesn’t help, can you send me a cut-down version of your document, along with some steps for reproducing the problem:

  1. Open you document

  2. Choose Duplicate from the File menu

  3. Delete any pages that aren’t needed to demonstrate the problem (in the duplicate document)

  4. Save the cut-down document

You can email me via support at softpress dot com.

Following up on this:

Mark sent me a cut-down document, and there is an issue that affects scrolling when a page contains more than one fixed-position box. We will fix this in a future version of Xway.

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The new site is live and it looks great. Thanks for all the help.

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