Link to New Window Action

Type of Action: Item Action (to use it, select an item and go to Item>Actions to choose the Action from the list).

What the Action can do: This Action lets you do the following:
  • It lets you set up a graphic item (such as a button) as a trigger to display a new window.
This Action is very similar to the Text Link to New Window Action - but this can be applied to a graphic item rather than to HTML text.

The Action will open a page in a new window when the item is clicked. This can be used to display a high-resolution version of an image when the visitor clicks on a thumbnail version on the page or it can simply be a button used to display content in a new window.

For the Action to work, you need to create one or more new pages in your Freeway file which can be triggered to display in the new window that it opened when the link text is clicked on. Choose the page in the Actions palette.

We recommend that you make the dimensions of the new pages the same dimensions as those used in the width and height fields of the Actions palette. This will mean that the entire contents of those new pages will be viewable within the new window that is triggered.

To use the Action, select a graphic item, go to Item>Actions and choose Link to New Window. With the item selected, look in the Actions palette to see the options.

  • Window Name: Because you can use multiple new windows on your page, this is where you give a name to each window to be opened. If you want to use the same window (so new windows don't open each time one is triggered), use the same name for all new windows - this will mean that the new window will display the content triggered by the next link.
  • Auto Close: This option now only works with older versions of browsers which don't, by default, have popup windows switched off in their preferences.
  • Page: Choose the page you want to display in the New Window in this popup.
  • width: This is where you need to enter the size in pixels for the width of the new window which will be displayed.
  • height: This is where you need to enter the size in pixels for the height of the new window which will be displayed.
  • Toolbar: Choose whether the new window displays its browser toolbar.
  • Scrollbars: Choose whether the new window displays scrollbars.
  • Resizable: Choose whether the new window can be resized after it has been triggered.
  • Use Link: Lets you choose to open a new page in the current window as well as the new window by sleeking Yes and then applying a link to the HTML link text using the Edit Hyperlinks dialog.