Links become sausage in 'gallery' navigation stack?

I have created a gallery stack for navigation purposes at (I just uploaded everything from the test site - perhaps prematurely). When I published and uploaded, some links from pages either were lost or were incorrectly ‘published’ - many of them linked to the same page. I have redrawn all the links for the table of contents, and when I preview in both Firefox and Safari, the same thing happens. Internally, when I ‘follow the link’, I do get to the right place. Each page seems to be uniquely titled. I don’t know what else to look for. Is there something about a stack? Do I need to redesign the TOC so there is no stack? I’m going to publish and upload the current corrections and see what happens, but I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for your help, and - Lord knows - for all the help you folks have been. David Block

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