Listing items

Hi guys,

this is one I long thought about.

Let’s grab the following example:

There, the MarkUp says something like:

which will mean to list “items” such as images or even DIVs.

As far as I know, it isn’t easy (or nearby impossible) to “list” stuff. And even if we can do this natively, li, ol, ul are unreachable to classify.

So I thought to grab Walter’s excellent HTML5 Element action - starting to have a lil bit of fun. This was (as far as I remember) fairly easy by just adding this:

  <value name="ul" />
  <value name="ol" />
  <value name="li" />

to the action-popup.

On this page, right below the detail button, I tried the very simplest form of it, listing (and classifying) DIVs:

Obviously - it works. And if it works with DIVs, it should work on the img-TAG as well???

While I’m basically dumb, I have to ask you experts about your thoughts. Is this doable, does it make sense, is there something I missed so far?

And if we are already with this action:

There is the data-attribute dialogue. It allows currently one entry - so if two or more entries in need, we have to switch to the extended dialogue. A plus (+) button calling new instances would be cool.

Am excited what you think.



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