Live streaming in x-way

Help with this issue would be appreciated.
For the past two yers, I’ve successfully streamed video from my website: Latest News and this is the first time I’ve set it up using the latest beta version of x-way. It refuses to load.
As previous, I’ve inserted an iframe and entered the supplied URL
However, I now get the message 'This page cannot be loaded in an iframe (blocked by the page’s X-Frame-options policy. )What is this?

The supplied URL has an X-Frame-Options value of “ALLOWALL, SAMEORIGIN”. From what I can tell from the HTML spec, this is an invalid value and will be treated as falsey, i.e. using it in an iframe is not allowed. There is no way of controlling that from your website.

That said, the URL you’ve provided appears to just be some text which is JavaScript to create an iframe in its location. I believe that URL is supposed to be used as external JavaScript on your page rather than as an iframe.

You would do this by inserting Markup instead of inserting Iframe and in the dialog that appears, enter this into the field:
<script src="" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>

Thanks for that Simon – works a treat!