Loads of duplicated, irrelevant gifs

Hi. On my, essentially very simple site, it seems that some gifs are being duplicatd may times over at some point when I amend and add to a page. I notice this in the upload stage - e.g. xxxxxx.g1, xxxxxx.g1a, xxxxxx.g1b, xxxxxx.g1c, etc. Sometimes it will be xxxxxx.gif1, xxxxxx.gif2, etc, increaing all the time to something like xxxxxx.gif54. It is bizarre.

I don’t want to delete the apparently redundant ones from my site folder in case I delete the wrong one. I once did do that several years ago and totally screwed my site, so I have been leaving well alone. But every time (as just now) I upload and see stuff uploaded that just isn’t needed, I want to do some housekeeping to get rid of waste.

Any suggestions here. It is Freeway 7.1.4 I’m using.

I have the same thing happening; it seems to be inconsistent with which files duplicate and add letters to the name. Also Freeway 7.1.4.

When this has happened to me I have done the following which seems to solve the problem:

  • delete the contents of the Site Folder making sure you leave behind any non-Freeway files (if you have any)
  • in Freeway, hold down the control key and select File > Publish Everything

Then you should have a fresh, clean site folder minus all the duplicates.

If you use Freeway to upload your website then all the duplicates should be automatically removed from the server. If you use another method then you may need to do some tidying up on the server before uploading the fresh site folder.

Deleting the contents of a Site folder and republishing (as @gdlow suggests) should be fine.

But it might be worth checking that the images really are duplicates: do they have the same file size, for example? If you import the same image on two different pages, and resize it differently on each page, Freeway will output two separate images (one for each size).