Looking for help with text issues Xway

I am a first hour Freeway user (I started using it somewhere in the 90s, I remember you could slice-up pictures and lower some parts in resolution :slight_smile: ), later switched to Everweb, but now testing the waters with Xway!

Ok, I got 2 problems with text. English is not my native language so I try to explain as good as possible.

  1. After inserting a ‘box’ I type my text in the field. When the text is longer I press Enter twice so there will be an extra space between text blocks. It displays this perfectly UNTIL I switch to web preview, and the text looses its extra spaces… (?) Also often the text shows up with a different spacing in web preview than it does in Xway, so the text bloxk is lager or shorter than in my design. In other words, what I see in Xway does not correspond with how it appears in the browser. (Safari)

  2. I am building a website and have imported a background image of an illustration, so this will be fixed in the background. Over this I place my text fields. When I switch to web preview and I resize my window the text field moves away from the image background. I want my text to stay where I put it in the design, no matter what position, I want to be it in that exact position, not matter how I resize the window. In Everweb this was never a problem, simple, but I just can’t figure it out in Xway.

Hi Slush,

  1. The way to add extra space after a paragraph is to use a vertical margin. Typically, paragraph margins are defined in ems and the default value for top and bottom margins is 1em (approximately the height of the paragraph font). If you want to double the amount of space, you could change this to 2em. Typing a double return doesn’t work because browsers ignore empty paragraphs. Xway doesn’t do that currently, but it probably should in future. [Typing multiple returns in Freeway worked because Freeway silently added a non-breaking space to each empty paragraph.]

  2. I’m not sure if I’ve understood your question about background images, but one of the main goals of modern web design is to create a flexible website that will adjust to different devices (computers, phones, tablets). This makes it difficult to ensure that text is always in the same place in relation to its background (the text will reflow to fit the available width). If you want to control whether a background scrolls or not, you can do this using the Attachment popup in the Background section of the Box or Page Inspector. You can also control the size of the background using the Background Size popup (Cover or Contain are helpful if you want the background to fit the size of a page or box).

Thank you for your reply.

Problem 1 has been solved, great.
Problem 2, I can choose the background to be on a fixed position, but I want the text to be fixed. I understand your point about modern websites and how the text adapts to the size of the device. But this is an older website I want to maintain, and it’s based on this background image illustration where I place hyperlinks and text over, and when resizing the window will throw everything in an odd place. I attached an image how the settings are now.

Do you have a link to the current version of this website?

I’m not sure that it’s possible to align text with a background image on a flexible website. But if you want the website to be inflexible, you can select the pagediv (on a master page) and give it a fixed width (e.g. 800px).