Lost access to Freeway

I have not updated my webpage in a few years and would to start it again. I no longer have the computer I created it on since it was destroyed. Is it possible to log on and retrieve my website on line or via the cloud?

You could download the HTML and resources (stylesheets, images, etc) that Freeway generated, but having those is no replacement for the actual Freeway file.

Were you doing any sort of TimeMachine backups when you had that computer? You could try recovering those, although then running Freeway on a modern Mac becomes a bit of an exercise unto itself, because you’ll need to run Mojave or earlier, and Macs sold in the past couple of years can’t do that without virtualization.

You might want to take this opportunity (glass half-full, and all that) to re-build your site in Xway, which is the coming-eventually replacement for Freeway, and which runs natively on modern Macs.

The way to think about how Freeway makes Web sites is kind of like how a word processor creates printed pages. You can’t take a stack of paper and turn it back into a .docx file without some sort of translation (scanning, OCR, cleaning up, etc.) going on.

The only part of this puzzle that would be on your server is the HTML and resources (i.e.: the stack of printed pages). The Freeway document is the original that generated all of those.