MacOS Sonoma update

Are there any issues upgrading to MacOS Sonoma? I will wait if so.

Hi Bert,

We’re not aware of any issues with Xway - or any of our other apps (except Freeway of course). @simonmanning has been using Sonoma for a few weeks now (as Softpress guinea pig). I generally wait for a few updates to let Apple resolve any initial problems…

Thanks. I plan to wait for at least 1 update but it’s good to hear you haven’t seen any problems yet.

Related question, are you planning an update soon? I think I remember you may have hinted at October.

Yes. We are planning to release Xway 0.8 in the next few weeks (after we finish updating the User Guide and tutorials). New features include: lists, sticky position, display and visibility properties (for hiding and showing boxes), additional dynamic style properties, and a command to export the site folder (for uploading via third-party applications).

This will probably be the last “beta” version before Xway 1.0 (next year). That will include a built-in upload command and (hopefully) some form of Freeway import, which we’re currently working on.