Maintenance Wednesday 24th

Yesterday, I tried to reply to a query and ended up in a frustrating loop of error messages. Because I didn’t know what to do, I registered again and FreewayTalk sent a password recovery e-mail with a different password—a meaningless jumble of numbers and letters. I logged on again, entered the jumbled password and received an ‘Invalid’ error. After several attempts, followed by more ‘Invalid’ errors, the ‘Update My Account’ page appeared. I updated my account with my real password and got the Invalid error. I then tried the password sent by FreewayTalk and it worked.

How do I get back to my ‘real’ password—the one that I want to use?

I’ve received two ‘welcome to the list’ messages (and I’m already a member) and I still haven’t been able to post! With a bit of luck, this message will work…

What’s the secret? Do users have to log on and log off twice, or three times, before they can revert to their original passwords?

The system is too complicated and the errors are very annoying. Please sort it out. Thanks.