Making your page area different to your browser background

Designing a site with a page area in the center which is different from the browser background (which may be a different color or an image) is common in web site design these days - and it's very easy to achieve in Freeway.

Start off by setting the page background to be the color or image you want by using the Color or Image pulldowns in the Page Inspector palette. The page area in Freeway will change to reflect the settings you choose. Preview the page in the browser to see what it looks like. Notice how the color/image you used fills the entire browser window and not just the size of the page in Freeway.

Go back to Freeway and click the HTML item icon in the toolbar. Draw an item from the top left corner of the page down to the bottom right. Give the item a color (if you are using Freeway Pro you can also import an image into it).

Deselect the item by clicking on a blank area of the page and in the Inspector palette set the Align option to Center. Preview the page in the browser once again to see how it looks.

You can now add the content of your site inside the HTML item on the page, it will essentially become your new page.