Master Anchors and Transition FX Problem

I have always wondered, is there a way to setup anchors on a Master page? I can set the anchor, but when I go to create the hyperlink from the text I want to direct to the anchor, the drop-down is greyed out. I can set them on the non-master page this way normally. Am I doing something wrong?

Secondly, is this a bug? For some reason when I apply the Transition FX action on a master page it understands the settings fine, but on the non-master page it doesn’t “include” the HTML Item i choose the result to happen to. Say for instance I want “item 1” when clicked on to slide down “item 2.” It won’t remember to put in “item 2” and if I change it in the action’s palette it breaks the master connection. It gives me this “item has no properties.”


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