Matching social media links and Better Meta Action

Using the Better Meta Action I have entered Title, Description and Images for sharing website pages on Twitter and Facebook/Google.

This content is not showing up as I understand it should when a reader (me, on pages uploaded to the server) hits the Twitter icon for sharing. I figure the problem is the nature of my sharing link, but I can find no instruction on the way to do these links so the content in Better Meta shows up properly.

The icon link I am using is “”. It takes me to a Twitter page with my picture on it (confirming the Tweet to be created would be coming from me) that states “Share a link with your followers” with the page’s URL filled out in the Tweet authoring field. No Better Meta title, description or image. How should I link this icon so the Better Meta info appears?

Clicking this icon takes me to a page that includes the Title, Description and an image, but the Better Meta instructions tell one to make the image 1200 x 630 pixels and the image that shows up is square, and around 600 x 600 px. Here is the code I used:

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Perhaps I should just replace the 1200 x 630 px images with 600 x 600 px ones, but it would be preferable to have the larger horizontal images.

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