Missing component

Having opened an xway document after several days of not working on it, all the Exhibeo components seem to be missing when I select Web View Preview. However, If I select File > Preview everything is in place. I’ve tried reconnecting/replacing the component, but it makes no difference.
Also, in Web View Preview, not only are the component images showing question/missing marks, the page shows elements from another page that doesn’t exist on on this working page.
I created a new document and added the same components and they preview OK, so I’ve stopped work on my site for now – just in case!

Hi Geoff,

I haven’t seen that happen. Can you send us the document to look at, maybe via Dropbox?

(support at softpress dot com)

It might also be worth quitting and restarting Xway, in case the Web view (or Apple’s WebKit) has got confused somehow - if everything displays OK when you preview in a browser, this suggests the problem might be with the Web view / WebKit rather than the published output.


Hi Jeremy.
Quitting and restarting Xway restored everything – very strange, just like my copy & paste problem (message 763) when a restart cleared that problem.
This has thrown up another question on reverting to earlier versions, which I did in the hope of resolving this issue. Revert To > Browse all Versions… brings up a display similar to that of Time Machine. The latter, when restoring an earlier version gives the opportunity to replace the current version or to keep both, which is invaluable if you aren’t sure the version you are restoring is the correct one. Xway doesn’t appear to offer that, meaning that by choosing Restore you are burning your bridges, unless a copy is made first.
Thanks for your continuing help!

Hi Geoff,

Revert To is a bit different from Time Machine. Time Machine restores a file, while Revert To reverts to a previous version of a document. It’s a Mac function (rather than an Xway-specific function) and it works the same way in all modern (document-based) applications. The OS keeps a new version whenever you choose Save from the File menu. If you choose the “wrong” version in Revert To, you should be able to go back and choose a different version. If you Save before reverting, you should be able to choose the version you were using before you reverted. (It might be worth experimenting to confirm that this is what happens.)


Hi Jeremy. The same thing has happened again with several pages of Exhibeo galleries – images missing on web view, but visible in Preview. There are also issues duplicating pages then changing the page link. Change one, and they all change.
Can I send the files via WeTransfer?



Send me some steps that I can use to reproduce the problems. Something like:

  1. Do this
  2. Do that
  3. This happens

Thanks I’ll do that now, also a separate email detailing the process. I notice this time, quitting and reopening has no effect.


The missing images (Web view) problem happens when a page is in a subfolder.

We’ll fix this in b4 (April/May probably).


Thanks to Geoff for spotting this!