Mobile Menu Not Working

Well, I’ll call it the “mobile menu”, the three hash marks.

I’ve taken them off this latest site as they simply don’t work.

I’d be thankful for thoughts on how to correct. One site I have them on is When used on a mobile device, they don’t function correctly. Sometimes they work on an Apple device, but not an Android device.

I’m thankful for any thoughts.

Hi Matt,

I think this is probably happening because the hamburger menu is being scaled. You have set up your media widths (breakpoints) so that on a device whose width is 320px or smaller the pagediv has a width of 600px, and on a device whose width is 480 px or smaller the pagediv has a width of 900px. The pagediv shouldn’t be wider than the the media width.

Thanks very much, Jeremy. If memory serves, I set those widths as on a mobile device, the pages were half the width of the screen. Perhaps this wasn’t the best way to correct, but it worked.

I will look at the division widths too.

I have to look again, but it seemed that the hamburger worked in horizontal, but not vertical.

There is an option in the Mobile pane of the Document Preferences dialog that controls whether a page can be scrolled on mobile devices. This defaults to true, which is helpful for sites that use a non-flexible desktop layout - but if your layout is designed to adapt to mobile devices it is probably better to set this to false and set 100% as the Initial Scale.

Thanks again Jeremy! That may have just done the trick!