Mouse Problems

I have used Intaglio for a few years now on several Macs. I purchased an Imac just as Leopard was being introduced. Despite claiming that the computer would come with Leopard installed, it actually shipped with Tiger and a Leopard disk. I waited about six months before actually installing Leopard.

I have been having a problem with mouse actions ever since. While the problem exists with all programs to some extent, it is much worse with Intaglio because of the type of mouse actions required. For example, if you select the line tool and then move over to the drawing area, you may lose the tool before you get to where you want to draw it.

The problem obviously is a Leopard problem. I am using an corded Apple Mighty Mouse. Sometimes it can be resolved with a re-start. I have seen the problems mentioned on other forums… Most of the posts are older. I haven’t seen a definitive fix anywhere. I have been updating regularly. Does anyone know what the answer is to this?

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