Multiple Non-Scrolling Backgrounds

Freeway now offers a simple way to achieve non-scrolling backgrounds without the use of any Actions or coding. Note that this cannot be done in any version earlier than 6.1 (Pro) without resorting to custom CSS.

Using an in-flow layout (often referred to as “Box-Model”), insert an HTML Item, give it 100% width and embed an image in the background (using the “Item appearance settings” tab of the Inspector - second tab). Make sure you uncheck the “Background scrolls” checkbox in same tab of the Inspector. Give this Item a “Fixed Height” of however much you’d like to show.

The next in-flow HTML Item you insert could be for you to insert some content, and then the following Item after that could be another image set up in the same way as mentioned above.

Use the link beneath this article to download a sample document.

It’s worth mentioning that this functionality is unsupported on iOS Devices (and possibly other mobile devices).

Multiple Non Scrolling Backgrounds (5.6 MB)