My first Xway site is live

Okay sure, it’s clearly a beta and it doesn’t have all its features yet. But oh boy, once I knuckled down and started testing Xway properly it got rather exciting! I’ve just finished rebuilding my Panorama Photographer site and I’m pleased. :slight_smile:

I have used more custom CSS markup than will be needed when Xway is finished, but even doing that was impressively straightforward. I caught myself out from time to time and had to rebuild some nested structures, but that’s all part of the learning process.

The site may need refining and there are a few things that I’d structure slightly differently now that I’ve learned more about using Xway, but this will certainly do for now!

Anyone else have any Xway productions online yet?


Nice work Keith. My only test so far was this template I did with the first beta -

I spent a little time yesterday updating it with beta 2 and doing away with some of the workarounds that I had to employ to step around missing features. I’ll see if I can upload the revised document soon.

Well done again.

Looking good Tim and Keith.

I agree it is beta with some key features still to come, but I can see the potential to make Xway a worthy replacement of Freeway. Like all software, it requires practice to get used to its different approach. There are certainly improvements in ease of use compared to Freeway.

After a few hours playing round, here is my first live website with Xway B2 (a website ‘copied’ over from Freeway Pro):