I’m looking for an alternative to Illustrator (which I’ve been using since the early 1990s), Intaglio ticks most of the boxes but I am having problems navigating around complicated drawings.

In Illustrator I organise my drawings into objects, groups and layers. In the layers pallet I can see them all, name them, select them, move them forward and back, move objects into and out of groups, between groups and make groups of subgroups. This is how I normally work and it allows me to build up and manipulate complicated layered drawings.

Intaglio has a layers pallet but it doesn’t show what’s in a layer. There is no overall view of the structure of the drawing. I can navigate around a simple drawing by clicking on things but it’s going to be very hit and miss in anything complicated. I am wondering if there is a way around this? Some other way of doing things?


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