Need a 7 Pro. I hope I posted in the right place?

Hello Freeway users,

I¹m looking for a website designer in the Charlotte, NC area that uses
Freeway, to build a site from scratch. I¹m part owner in Hakkalights a LED
lighting company in Matthews, NC. I¹m also an amateur Freeway Pro 7 user but
won¹t & don¹t want to take on this project but could change out text and
photos and may be able to manage it after it is up. I have other matters to
deal with and would be slow at getting it produced. It will be an ecommerce
site. We will be selling everything from home bulbs to parking and
streetlights our real market will be refitting buildings with our LED

We won¹t a have store to sell out of but will have a studio to showcase our
LED¹s here in Matthews or Charlotte and will offer a PDF¹s downloads to
consumer, contractors, supply houses, building maintained personal /
management, city and state personal involved with lighting street, road and
parking areas.

We have purchased domain names revolving around Hakkalights, com, net, info
and org for the charity work we will do. They can all be connected through
.com and will be some text and photos as project are completed, technology
advances, questions/ answers and the non-profit work we do in and around our

I have some ideas about the front page, we have logo and font for that
already but will want different font for text inside and am open to all the
help I can get.

If you are interested please contact me at email@hidden
Or call 704-609-3219

Larry Powell
Managing Partner
Hakkalights USA, LLC
email@hidden Temporary

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