Need help duplicating elements of my old Freeway Pro web page

Am seeking assistance duplicating an older web page created with Freeway Pro.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the older page (top image) and a screenshot of the attempt to recreate it using Xway (bottom image). I’ve not figured out how to place the first and second line of text so they are spaced as they appear in the older Freeway Pro generated page. Additionally, how do I create and add the horizontal graphic lines which appear before and after “Mark Carreon.”

Appreciate any assistance!

Hi Mark,

You can use margins to control spacing between paragraphs (“Mark Carreon” and “Photography”). There’s a description of how to do this in the Xway Tutorial (page 14 onwards).

You can create horizontal graphic lines in a graphic program, but if you want your site to work on devices with different screen widths, you should avoid using fixed-width graphics. Someone may be able to suggest a better way of doing this, but one method (which doesn’t use graphics) would be to use a flex container for the “Mark Carreon Photography” box:

  1. Insert a box
  2. Set it to be a flex container
  3. Insert three boxes within this container
  4. Add text (“Mark Carreon Photography”) in the middle box
  5. Set the flex value of the outer boxes to be Auto (so they expand to take up available width)
  6. Set the outer boxes to have a height of 0px (and no minimum height)
  7. Also remove the minimum height from the flex container and middle box
  8. Give the outer boxes a top border. This will create the horizontal lines. Choose a border colour that you want to use for the lines.
  9. Select the flex container and choose Center from the Align Items popup (so the boxes are vertically centred)
  10. Use horizontal margins to control spacing before and after the boxes that create the horizontal lines (e.g. select the first and last boxes in the container and set the left and right margins to be 20px or 2% or some other value)


Thank you for your assistance!