New Slack Team for Freeway Pro + CMS

I created a Slack Team for discussing the development, integration and use of a CMS (any CMS) specifically with Freeway Pro. If you use Inlay, WebYep, Pulse, Wordpress, MODX, Perch…whatever with FWP and have technical questions or just want to geek it up, then this may be of interest. One FWT rock star has already joined.

Slack is a multi-platform real-time messaging service that can be used in any number of ways. In this case it’s a great tool for asking/answering questions (technical or otherwise), posting code, images, videos, and has outstanding search features. Use it via the Slack website or install the free app (desktop and mobile).

Joining this team is invitation-only so contact me off-list with your preferred email. It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer, an Action writer, CMS dev, or geek, everyone is welcome. Just keep in mind this is not for general Freeway questions, CMS stuff only.

The more people that join the better.

Office (Chicago): 312.212.3955

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