No Intaglio Youtube Videos?? Name Needs to be More Unique??

Several times I have searched Youtube for phrases similar to “Intaglio Macintosh drawing program”, and I cannot find a single video describing Intaglio.

PROPOSAL #1: If there in fact are no videos, one of us should CREATE at least ONE Youtube video for Intaglio. REASON: I’m thinking there may be a bunch of people not even aware of the existence of this program, who might be interested, if they knew about it ??

As you’ve probably already discovered, if you search for “Intaglio”, you get search results for all kinds of printing and engraving activities, but not the computer program.

PROPOSAL #2: The makers of Intaglio should “tweak” the name just a bit, so it has a UNIQUE name that is easier to SEARCH for. For example, they could call it “Mactaglio” or “Macintaglio” or “iIntaglio” or “Itaglio” – almost ANYTHING that would make it UNIQUE.

For example, if you search for “Gimp” or “Wordpress”, you usually get results for ONLY those applications, because those names are UNIQUE to the computer program.

FEEDBACK: Any opinions on these 2 proposals?? I’m a big ENTHUSIAST of this program. Gimp and Photoshop seem CLUMSY compared to Intaglio – for putting labels on photos, making ‘banners’ for web pages. Plus I can still open my old MacDraw files dating back to 1988.

I would like to contribute what I am capable of, to keep this program as “healthy” as possible. I may try making a Youtube video myself, unless someone else is already in the process of doing this.

THANKS for reading. – James R. Ingram,

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