Not seeing updates after uploading changes?

Did you know that some/many hosts cache your site on various servers so that even if you clear your browser’s cache 20 times - you will not see updates? There is a solution for this.

Try to find this in the control panel of your hosting service -

Additional Tools/Cache Control Tool

Even a minimum setting of 15 minutes of cache is too much when you’re working on a site - so I turn mine off entirely.

As far as I’m aware there is no way around this - If I want to see immediate updates to changes I make reliably - everything has to be turned OFF. This entails going into the control panel and doing the change - or just saving it permenently without any caching at all. Switching it back and forth for working on the site is a PITA, so I typically leave it OFF entirely until I know I’m not going back in to edit again anytime soon.


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