Old client, new images

I have an old client who wants to return to me after a few years away. His site(s) are digital art where he takes photos and makes them into a painting digitally and sells them, sometimes offering them on canvas-like paper.

When I initially did his site for him, he would send me each new image with the pricing and description and I would add it to the site manually. This was 100% done in Freeway with tons of pages, one for each image and updating the category pages each time as well. I’m now thinking he should use an existing package like Zenfolio. He seems reluctant. I think Zenfolio would offer him way more than I could, including allowing him to manage it entirely himself. Zenfolio may give him better SEO than I could, getting his new site in the search engines faster.

Does anyone have any experience with Zenfolio or other photo/image selling sites and think that’s the way to go - or not? I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

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