Overlapping wrappers

I discover my TOC has format from 1970(!) so decided a new one is in order. Attempt at http://paulscott.info. I like the top graphic with theme Discover below. I tried a lower gradation to black but the file got very large. Now I have a problem with the Discover - Name text being too far below. Can I overlap the top image wrapper with the text wrapper on top? How do I do this? With thanks. Paul

Hi Paul,

Do you mean that you want the oneWrapper3 box (containing text) to be positioned on top and in front of the oneWrapper2 box (containing the walkway image)?

One way to do this would be to turn oneWrapper3 into a child of oneWrapper2 and give it absolute position (absolute-positioned items are called “layers” in Freeway). You could set the left and right offsets of the child (oneWrapper3) item to zero if you want it to stretch across the width of its parent item.

Many thanks Jeremy for your prompt reply. I missed it, expecting an email notification, but I probably missed checking a box! You might remember I was trying to remove an excessive space in my index page. I finally fixed it by merging three wrappers into one.
While I have your attention could you direct me to a link about forming Target stacks in Freeway. After five years I find I need this skill again!! With grateful thanks, Paul

Here’s an article on targets and triggers in Freeway Express (I didn’t see an equivalent for Freeway Pro, but I don’t think there are any real differences). It also links to some other articles.

Thank you Jeremy for that excellent article - it all comes back to me now! Thank you too for your continuing advisory role – I remember your name and helpful advice from many years ago.

I am reformatting sites from the past: this time
to make it suitable for mobile phones. I want to put a picture frame border on each graphic – that is OK. Now I want to click the stickpin to place a map image where the main picture is. I can’t seem to place an overlying duplicate image – I think because of the frame. Is there a solution? Thanks, Paul

PS The link is to the original site!

Hi Paul,

If you embed the image in a parent HTML box, you should be able to overlay a second image by embedding it within the same parent box and setting it to have absolute position (make it a “layer” in Freeway terminology).