Page Preload Options?

Hi all,

I’ve just completed a recent portfolio redesign in which my aim was to avoid using Flash for any slideshow or carousel elements as I would normally do. I have used Walter’s superb carousel action (thanks Walt!) to display selected projects, which are featured in sub categories on one long scrolling page. The idea is that a visitor can scroll through sections quickly & decide which projects are of particular visual interest. The major flaw to this, is that each page has to load a lot of images which delays the user experience for visitors with slower connection speeds.

So I wondered if there was any way I could incorporate some form of preloader (similar to Flash) or way of loading the order of the content so that the projects at the top load first?

I’ve also seen some clever effects like this where the page loads images as you scroll down, rather than attempting to load everything at once.

Any advice or recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks,


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